Track Website Performance & Uptime 24/7

Downtime Alerts: Immediate notifications to keep you ahead of any site outages.

  • 6 notification integrations
Track Website, Server, and Port Availability with Ease: Effortless Uptime Monitoring for Reliable Online Performance
Monitor Cron Job Execution with Heartbeats: Ensure Reliable and Successful Operation of Your Scheduled Tasks
Track when your SSL certificates and domain names need renewal.
Receive alerts for any changes to your domain's DNS, tracking made simple.

Server monitors

Monitor your Linux servers' resources, such as CPU, disk space, and RAM.



Real-Time Updates: Keep Track of Incidents and Outages, Receive Prompt Email Alerts.

We made 2,418,556 checks for a total of 17 monitors. We also host 4 status pages.
Multiple locations
Global Monitoring: Check Monitors from Multiple Locations Worldwide for Comprehensive Performance Insights
Custom HTTP requests
Flexible Monitoring with Custom HTTP Requests: Tailor Request Method, Body, Basic Auth, and Headers for Enhanced Tracking
Custom HTTP responses
Customize Monitoring Responses: Set and Expect Specific Responses from Your Monitors for Precise Tracking.
Email notifications
Instant Email Notifications: Stay Informed When Tracked Services Fluctuate with Real-Time Alerts
Simplify Resource Categorization with Projects: Effortlessly Organize and Manage Your Resources for Enhanced Efficiency and Organization.

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Efficiently track and ensure your website's uptime with our monitoring tools. Keep your site available 24/7.

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Discover the best uptime monitoring solution to track your website's performance. Ensure smooth running.

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Maximize your website's availability. Use our uptime monitoring to detect issues early and keep your site up.

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Unlimited domain names
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Answers for your common questions uses a network of servers around the globe to periodically check the availability of your website. If a check fails from multiple locations, it confirms the downtime and notifies the user according to their alert settings. offers various alert methods, including email, SMS, push notifications, and integration with third-party services like Slack or PagerDuty. Users can customize alert settings based on their preferences and the criticality of their website's uptime.

Yes, provides detailed reports and analytics on your website's uptime, response times, and downtime incidents. These insights can help you understand your website's performance trends and identify areas for improvement.

A status page is a publicly visible webpage that displays the current status of your website or service, including uptime, downtime incidents, and maintenance schedules. With, you can easily create and customize a status page to communicate transparently with your users.

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Real-time Server Uptime Tracking: Monitor Server Health, Track Heartbeats, Ping Servers, and Showcase Performance Stats on a Comprehensive Status Page